Unlock Your Creativity and Earn up to Rs. 6 Lakh with AR Snapchat Lenses: Here’s How!

Are you a creative enthusiast looking to monetize your skills? Snapchat has an exciting opportunity for you! By creating Augmented Reality (AR) lenses for the popular platform, you can now earn up to Rs. 6 Lakh and showcase your artistic talents to millions of users worldwide. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative Snapchat program and how you can get started.

  1. What is the Snapchat AR Creator Program?

The Snapchat AR Creator Program is a initiative designed to empower creators like you to build interactive and immersive AR experiences for Snapchat users. These AR lenses can range from fun face filters to engaging world effects, adding a unique touch to users’ snaps and stories.

  1. How to Join the Snapchat AR Creator Program?

To join the Snapchat AR Creator Program, follow these steps:

a. Create a Snapchat account: If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Snapchat account.

b. Explore Lens Studio: Access Lens Studio, Snapchat’s free desktop application that allows you to design AR lenses using templates and advanced tools.

c. Develop your lens: Unleash your creativity and start building AR lenses. Experiment with various effects, animations, and designs to make your lenses stand out.

d. Submit your creation: Once your lens is ready, submit it for review through Lens Studio. Snapchat’s team will assess its quality, functionality, and adherence to community guidelines.

e. Approval and monetization: If your lens gets approved, you will be eligible to monetize it through Snapchat’s Official Lens Creator program.

  1. Monetizing Your AR Lenses:

Once your lens is accepted into the Official Lens Creator program, you can start earning money. The more engaging and popular your lenses become, the higher your potential earnings.

Snapchat uses a revenue-sharing model with creators, providing a portion of the advertising revenue generated from lenses. Creators have the chance to earn up to Rs. 6 Lakh or more, depending on the lens’s reach and user engagement.

  1. Promoting Your AR Lenses:

Promotion is key to gaining exposure for your AR lenses. Here are some tips to increase their visibility:

a. Share on social media: Promote your lenses on your other social media platforms to attract a wider audience.

b. Collaborate with influencers: Partner with popular Snapchat influencers who can showcase your lenses to their followers.

c. Leverage Snapchat’s community: Participate in Snapchat’s community events and challenges to gain recognition and followers.


The Snapchat AR Creator Program presents a golden opportunity for talented creators to turn their passion for AR design into a lucrative venture. By following the steps to join the program and promoting your AR lenses effectively, you can earn up to Rs. 6 Lakh and even build a strong presence in the digital creative community. So, unlock your creativity, dive into the world of AR Snapchat lenses, and let your imagination shine!

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